Report an aviation related occurrence with SAAA

Welcome to the SAAA Occurrence Management System which enables online reporting of accidents, defects, hazards and confidential complaints.

Report an accident or incident 

You are required to meet statutory reporting requirements under the Transport Safety Investigation Act 2003.

Reportable matters are categorised as:

IRM: Immediately reportable matters

RRM: Routinely reportable matters

You should submit any of the above matters directly to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau at:
or by phone at 1800 011 034

I acknowledge that the SAAA may be required to submit your report to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

Report an accident or incident 
Report a defect

Defect reports are raised to identify potential technical issues found in aircraft in order to reduce the chance of recurrence.

You maybe required to report some serious defects directly to CASA.

Report an identified hazard

Hazards are not related to a particular aircraft bur rather to aviation related activities.

Hazards can cause or contribute to unsafe operations of aircraft or aviation safety-related equipment, products and services.

Please assist members by completing this report if you have identified hazards associated with the organisation.

Every event is an opportunity to learn valuable safety lessons.

Report a confidential complaint

Anyone can report a safety concern confidentially to SAAA. Using our complaints management system we will address reportable safety concerns.